Ink is paramount in the printing world, with around 20 billion dollars being spent globally every year. While efforts to go green are in full swing, the demand for printing continues, with many academic, legal, and financial institutions printing hundreds if not thousands of documents annually. Inkjet printers are popular amongst the top printer brands, including Canon, Brother, HP, Samsung, and Epson and cartridges are essential for them to do their job. Here we explore three exciting facts about ink.

1. It has a vast history: First documented in China in around 12000 BC, this precious liquid was made with lamp oil and pine tree soot and was used for writing. In today’s world, more ink is used for printing than for writing. The Ancient Egyptians also used ink by mixing oil, burnt wood, and water. Of course, since everything was written by hand, cartridges weren’t needed.

2. It is an expensive commodity: Some people have called this precious material liquid gold, and this speaks to its value. In fact, a gallon could cost as much as $12 000, which makes it far more expensive than other prized liquids, such as vintage Champagne.

3. Modern varieties are made with various materials. Today’s cartridges are made with an array of materials, including resin, varnish, additives (like lubricant or wax), and solvents. The four main colours in conventional printing are black, yellow, cyan, and magenta.

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