You’ll know how reliable HP cartridges are if you have an HP printer. Whether you need the 912 cyan ink cartridge or the 912 black ink cartridge, we stock a wide range of models well suited to all their printers. Whether you need toner varieties or ink ones, we have you covered.

Here we explore three fun facts about this innovative brand.

1. They had humble beginnings: HP was founded by two graduates from Stanford (named William Hewlett and David Packard) in 1939. The pair worked in a small garage with only $538 in capital. Today, the original garage dons a sign reading, “the birthplace of Silicone Valley,” and the brand is worth billions of dollars, making over 63 billion US dollars in 2021 alone.

2. HP was always ahead of the curve in terms of working culture: Their German branch was the first company globally to offer flexible working hours, and, 50 years ago, they were the first company to provide recreational facilities on-site for staff. Nowadays, many big enterprises provide similar perks.

3. They didn’t start out as a printer company: Like many of their contemporaries, the brand did not start out in the computer world but rather made audio oscillators that were used to generate frequencies for radios, telephones, and stereos. Only in 1980 was their first computer produced.

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