The Japanese power-house brand Canon was founded in 1934 and began as an optical instruments laboratory. Their first-ever product was a 35-mm camera, dubbed the ‘Kwanon’ after the goddess of mercy in Buddhism. Fast track a couple of decades, and the brand has gained tremendous momentum in the technological world, manufacturing everything from laser printers to camcorders. The international company now spans several continents, and their printers are known for producing pristine quality prints, especially regarding photos. Specialised Canon ink cartridges are a must if you have a Canon printer.

Here we examine three reasons to purchase original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges from this reputable brand.

1. Brilliant quality: Canon is known for producing high-quality prints, and this is why so many consumers opt for their premium ink cartridges. The brand sells tri-colour, black cartridges, and individual colour ones predominantly. When you use Canon’s innovative printing technology and consumables, you can enjoy high-quality, clean prints void of fading or smudging. This is particularly important if you want to print graphics or photographs and is also why so many creatives prize Canon.

2. Cost-saving: While OEM products are undeniably more expensive than cheap generics, they can enhance the lifespan of printers and thus save you in the long run. Another great perk of these products is that they include an estimated page yield, allowing you to budget accordingly and plot how much printing you can do with one ink cartridge.

3. A positive impact on the environment: Thanks to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, you can rest assured that you will be doing your part for the environment. The brand offers a refilling service, so that old cartridges do not end up in landfills and they strive to keep sustainability in mind during every phase of the manufacturing process. They also push for energy-efficient designs and more eco-friendly supply chains.

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