If you have an Epson printer, it is certainly worth investing in their original ink bottle cartridges. While they might look pricier at first glance, they will enhance the lifespan of your printer and produce high-end printing results perfectly suited to professional settings.

Here we explore five advantages of choosing their ink bottle cartridges and the brand as a whole.

1. Quality prints: Utilising Epson’s original ink bottle cartridges is a great way to ensure crisp, clear, and precise images. Moreover, since the ink dries immediately once it hits the page, smudging will be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, while popular, cheap generic ink cartridges can cause damage to your printer and produce sub-quality, faded prints. In professional settings, especially where graphics are needed, this can create an air of inefficiency. 

2. Ergonomic design: Epson ink bottles make use of an ergonomic design for ultimate user ease and efficiency. Replacing cartridges is a total breeze thanks to this mess-free design, and only the right cartridge can be inserted into the colour-specific tank for minimal confusion.

3. Economical: Since colours can be replaced individually, you can replace Epson cartridges as needed without having to fork out on multiple colours. If you use black more than cyan, for example, you can replace this cartridge first without needing to replace any others. The brand also stocks numerous high-capacity cartridges, which produce a higher page yield, essentially giving you a lot more bang for your buck. This can amount to fantastic cost savings and enhance your printer’s lifespan. 

4. OEM enhances printer lifespan: Original equipment manufacturer ink bottles naturally enhance the lifespan of your printer. When you use original cartridges specifically designed for your printer, you will ensure that your printer runs optimally. Using OEM consumables is also usually an important requirement if you want to utilise your printer’s warranty.  

5. Epson environmentally friendly printer option: Amazingly, the brand has created something innovative named the Eco-Tank. Rather than the consumer having to buy new bottles every time, you can refill the tanks and enjoy up to 80% in savings. This also results in less waste and enhances your green footprint since you won’t be disposing of so many cartridges. Nonetheless, you might need to get your hands messy when refilling the tanks, so it won’t suit everyone. If you print often, though, it will certainly save you on printing costs. 

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