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Buy Epson Printer Cartridges

Buy Epson Printer Cartridges from a Cartridge Hyper Near You We all know that we usually have a choice of generic, original, and refurbished printer cartridges to choose from on the market. Each of these options have their value and yes, while we stock all types at Cartridge Hyper, we always advise our clients to […]

Buy Laser Cartridges Online

Buy Laser Toner Cartridges Online or at Your Nearest Cartridge Hyper If you own a laser printer, you will know that you have to buy laser toner cartridges and that ink cartridges are of no use to you. Unfortunately, many people do not realise the difference between toner cartridges for laser printers and ink cartridges, […]

Buy Printer Cartridges

Tips for Buying Printer Cartridges Is it time to restock on printer consumables? Paper, ink, toner and various other items are required to keep your printer in operation. Buying printer cartridges online or at your local printer consumable retailer must be done with care, if you want to save on costs, while ensuring that you […]

HP Printers Cartridges

Why You Should Choose Original HP Printer Cartridges for Your HP Branded Printer While there are many generic printer cartridges on the market that may work with your HP printer, sometimes it’s better to opt for original branded cartridges instead. At Cartridge Hyper, we often encounter customers looking to cut back on printing costs, and […]

Canon Ink Cartridges

Why You Should Choose Canon Ink Cartridges for Your Canon Printer Which ink cartridges are right for you? Have you made the right choice for your printer? There are many ink cartridges available on the market, and large a part of the decision-making process will depend on the make and model of your printer. Of […]

Buy Xerox Cartridges

Buy Xerox Cartridges at a Cartridge Hyper Outlet or Online If you are looking for a brand of printer to trust, which is also economical in terms of consumables, Xerox should be one of your first choices. Gone are the days where it was more affordable to replace the entire printer, than it was to […]

Buy Epson Cartridges

Buy Epson Cartridges at a Cartridge Hyper Branch Near You Exceed your expectations with Epson ink and toner. If you would like to buy Epson cartridges, you have come to just the right place. When clients are looking for ink and toner cartridges for their Epson printers and multifunctional devices, we always recommend that they […]

Buy Brother Cartridges

Buy Brother Cartridges at Competitive Prices at Cartridge Hyper Add colour to your life when you need it, with ink and toner cartridges from the world’s favourite leading brands. One particular brand that you will find stocked and ready for you at Cartridge Hyper is Brother. When you buy Brother cartridges from us, prepare to […]

Samsung Ink Cartridges

How to Take Care of Your Samsung Printer and Ink Cartridges We have taken the time to provide you with a few guidelines on how to take care of your Samsung printer and ink cartridges to ensure longevity, performance and quality. Many people think that the Samsung cartridges are simply ink holders and the printer […]