Original Brother Cartridges

At Cartridge Hyper, we specialise in the supply of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges for printers right across a range of makes and models. Our range of original Brother products includes cartridges for both inkjet and laser toner printers, as well as assorted accessories like waste units and drum units.

The Importance of OEM

As highlighted above, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, and signifies that a cartridge or accessory was manufactured by the brand that produced the printer itself. This means that you can trust the product to be both compatible with your printer and optimised for performance.

The use of generic cartridges may be cheaper in some cases, but comes with the extra cost of added risks for your printer. Since other manufacturers do not have the intimate knowledge of a printer that the original manufacturer does, there are risks of:

  • Smeared and blurry printing
  • Clogged and dysfunctional cartridges
  • Damage to the printers internal components
  • Voided warranty

Brother manufactures its products to very high standards, so when you purchase OEM Brother cartridges you can rest assured that the whole might of Brother has worked to ensure that you receive high-quality printing.


Innobella is the name given to Brother’s specially formulated ink, and is a conjunction of “innovation” and “bella” – which means beautiful in Italian. This ink has improved colour and longevity properties since it does a better job of resisting fading from exposure to light and ozone.

This ink also has a richer and broader colour range, compared to other previous ink formulations. The reds, magentas, and greens are particularly improved to provide a more lifelike colour scheme for the most vivid image prints.

The knowledgeable staff at Cartridge Hyper are happy to advise you on the best papers and inks to use for your specific goals, from printing lots of paperwork to producing professional quality photographs. Stop by one of our stores or contact us for more information.