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Boost your Printing Power with Brother Cartridges and Printers from Cartridge Hyper

Many private individuals, small business owners and large corporations make use of Brother printers to deal with all their printing needs. Because Brother is seen as a reliable brand that manufactures top-class printers, they are the printer of choice for many different clients across the world. If your printer brand of choice is Brother, you will also need Brother cartridges for your printer, and we highly recommend that you purchase them from us.

Reliable laser printers are a necessity for any business and many homes, and when deciding on which brand to buy, it is necessary to compare different brands of printers in order to make the most informed decision. Brother is one of the most popular brands, but other brands such as HP offer many popular features too. The real debate centres around your printing needs and the specific range of features and outputs you need from your printer. Sometimes, certain compromises inevitably have to be made. You have to determine whether saving time is more important than saving money, and you have to be very aware of your printing needs before making a decision. Let us compare Brother to another brand such as HP to take note of the benefits that both offer the user.

There are different types of printers, and it is usually the number of dots per inch (dpi) that they can produce that has a bearing on the decision. The higher the dpi, the higher the print quality, and there are other features such as networking and additional functionality such as scanning and copying that have to be taken into consideration. Brother printers require a little more work, but they more than make up for this in medium- to long-term savings. Brother cartridges are typically less expensive than other high-profile brands. Brother printers can also print high volumes at high speed, but they often have to take a little time to warm up before they can do a high speed print run. Other brands such as HP score better when it comes to low power consumption and fast printing, and they may not take as long to warm up. Their cartridges and toner replacements often costs more than Brother though. Other comparisons will include noise levels, printing volume and servicing requirements.

Consumer studies have shown that Brother performs very well when it comes to overall problem resolution, servicing, and after-sales support, and those who choose to use Brother printers are generally very pleased with their choice. Brother printers usually cost a little more than other high-quality brands, but it is worth the money if you consistently print large volumes. There are, however, a wide range of brands and printers on the market and it is necessary to speak to a professional to learn more about the printers you are interested in to ensure that the printer you choose can deal with your specific printing needs. We go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the right advice before you buy your printer. We help you to find the printers and printing consumables that you need for your specific environment, and our technicians are well informed and ready to help.

Cartridge Hyper specialises in the supply and distribution of many different brands and models of printers and all related printing consumables, including Brother cartridges. Here you will find everything you need to keep your printing running smoothly, and we are always willing to provide advice and high-quality printing consumables. We have built strategic partnerships with many reputable distributors across South Africa and this means that we have access to a product range that is second to none. We have worked hard to build our solid presence in the market and our position as the largest provider of printing consumables in the country is well deserved.

In addition to printers and consumables, we also provide a range of sophisticated printing and document management solutions, and our service is always outstanding. Whether you are looking for an HP printer, Lexmark toner or Brother cartridges, we will be able to find it for you, even if you have an older model printer. Give us a call today to find out more!