Brother has become one of the best-known manufacturers of printers around the world. Starting with sewing machines, the company rapidly expanded to include the manufacture and service of several different home and work machines.

From the 1970s onwards, Brother delved further into the printing industry, with constant research and development going into their products. It became clear that laser printers were excellent performers in office environments, particularly in those days when pen and paper were still the basis of so much administrative work.

Nowadays, however, the post-pandemic shift to remote, home-based work has seen an increase in the need for elegant solutions to workers’ hardware requirements in the comfort of their homes. This is where Brother’s hybrid ink printers come into play – these are printing solutions that offer a similar range of features as office printers but are compact enough to fit on a small desktop.

Besides the compact nature of Brother ink printers, there are other benefits to equipping your home office with their premium printing technology.

All-Important Speed

Brother makes sure to cater to one of the most important features of quality printers – printing speed. When it comes to printing for work purposes, whether in the office or from home, time mustn’t be wasted on slow printing, which is often the case when opting for cheaper desktop printer options. Brother ink printers can produce about 20 to 35 pages per minute, depending on whether you are printing in black and white, or in colour. This is much quicker and more efficient than the average 16 pages per minute that other inkjet printers tend to produce.


Brother’s latest printers feature mobile and cloud solutions which allow you to make full use of your printer via your smartphone, tablet or mobile-connected laptop. This means that your printer can accommodate you no matter where your business takes you and you don’t have to be in proximity to your home office printer to get print jobs done. It also avoids the inevitable clutter that comes with connecting hardware cables and allows you to position your printer as you see fit in your office space.

Print Capacity

Another consideration is the running costs involved in owning a home printer. Regular expenses, such as purchasing ink cartridges, should be considered when investing in a printing solution. Keep in mind that this will depend on your unique requirements. If you need a printer but will only use it sparsely and will not need to print large volumes at a time, then you can purchase standard ink cartridges, which hold less ink, but are more affordably priced.

On the other hand, if you make regular use of your printer, and print in larger volumes, then you should invest in high-yield or extra high-yield cartridges since these options hold considerably more ink and can thus meet higher print volume demands. These cartridges are priced higher but are well worth the investment, since their printing capacity is much larger producing many more prints than a standard cartridge.

Brother’s premium range of quality inkjet printers is at the forefront of printing technology, allowing you to have access to the luxuries of office printing from your home office and remotely. Consider your unique printing needs when shopping for your Brother printer. Think about what you print, how often you print and what your printing budget is to find your ideal model.

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