You purchased a Brother printer and have had use of it for some time. You’re exceptionally happy with the product but the ink has now run out and needs replacing. You see that your printer takes Brother LC-3719 cartridges which you need to find and buy. This is usually the point at which you discover that there are a number of options when it comes to replacement units. There are genuine Brother LC-3719 ink cartridges and several third-party (generic) alternatives. The generic units are labelled compatible, re-manufactured or re-filled. Brother LC-3719 cartridges will only fit a specific printer or range of printers in the Brother printer product offering. These cartridges are known as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacements. You notice that the third party (not made by the OEM) replacements are cheaper than the genuine equivalent and need to know why this is before deciding which to purchase.

What Are the Non-OEM Alternatives?

The first type of non-OEM ink cartridge is most commonly known as a compatible ink cartridge. It is not made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Brother in the case of Brother LC-3719 cartridges, and is manufactured by a third-party company that typically only makes ink cartridges. These manufacturers copy the Brother LC-3719 cartridges and fill them with their own ink formulation. Compatible cartridges are new units but made and filled by a third-party manufacturer not associated with the manufacturer of your printer.

Remanufactured ink cartridges are OEM units that have been recycled when they reached end of life. They are stripped, refurbished and refilled with the remanufacturer’s own ink formulation. Damaged or worn parts are replaced and cleaned to make a ‘new’ ink cartridge.

Refilled units are end-of-life (empty) cartridges that are simply re-filled with aftermarket ink. These are extremely risky propositions and are not recommended.

Non-OEM Generics or Genuine BROTHER LC-3719 Cartridges?

Although compatible replacement units are designed to be exact copies, as far as possible, of the original Brother LC-3719cartridges there are inevitably differences between compatibles and the genuine OEM units. A genuine OEM replacement unit will always be the safest choice. Brother OEM replacement units are backed by the Brother brand and are known for the highest quality and excellent reliability. They will invariably offer consistent yield (prints per cartridge) and superior print quality. Brother fiercely protects their brand and reputation which results in the production of consistently superior products. There is consequently no risk associated with buying genuine Brother LC-3719cartridges. Third-party manufacturers are relatively anonymous and do not have as much to lose if their product is less than satisfactory.

There are good-quality compatible units on offer at a lower cost than the genuine product. These can be perfectly acceptable options for the originals if bought from a reliable and reputable vendor. Look for a reputable supplier who provides compatible cartridge replacements that are a close equivalent to the OEM offering. A company like Cartridge Hyper offers a vast range of OEM and compatible replacements with compatibles being as close as possible in terms of print quality, reliability and print yield to the originals.

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