How to Fix a Common Error Experienced with Brother Printer Cartridges

When it comes to the tough decision of whether to buy Brother printer cartridges or generics (or knock-offs) to save a few bucks, the decision should always be to buy original. This is a brand that offers award-winning products and technology that quite simply works well. The brand has become a world leader when it comes to document imaging solutions, and this is because of their hard work and dedication to researching, designing, and producing a product range that features colour, and black and white multifunctional products, as well as mobile technologies. Problems crop up with all brands of cartridges. This post is aimed at helping you to deal with a common problem presented by Brother printers.

The Most Common Printer Cartridge Error

“Printer cartridge empty” – when you know it is not!

A common problem that Brother printer users face is it saying that the ink cartridge is empty when it is not. When this happens, resetting the cartridge should be your first attempt at rectifying the problem. Often, printers consider an ink cartridge to be empty when there is actually a little bit still left in it. This can actually be your saving grace when you need to print an emergency document. You can reset the cartridge by removing it, turning the machine off, replacing the cartridge, and then turning the machine on again. This may enable you to print another page or two.

Of course, there are some machines that will not allow the cartridge to be reset so simply. In this case, it is best to consult with the user manual on how to reset the cartridge. This is usually listed in the troubleshooting section that advises users on how to deal with a printer that cannot detect a new cartridge that has been installed.

Their Cartridges Offer Quality

The quality of print that you can expect from a Brother printer is exceptional. Whether you are printing family documents or high-end business documents, you can expect the end result to be somewhat impressive. Get a great yield per cartridge, and enjoy a sleek, smudge-free printed surface. That is what you can come to expect when using their cartridges for your printing needs.

At Cartridge Hyper, we stock a wide range of Brother cartridges. We have cartridges available for most models of printers, and we confidently present our product range to the market at highly competitive rates. If you need more product information or advice on our range of cartridges, feel free to get in touch via email or telephone at Cartridge Hyper today.

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