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Black is the New Black: Buy Ink Cartridges from Cartridge Hyper

When it comes to basic printing, black ink will always be the supreme choice for documentation, newspapers, and mass-printed marketing flyers. The reason behind black ink’s popularity does not only come from the perfect contrast of black ink on white paper, but also from the effective method in which black ink can be utilised regarding different printing methods. Every single printer concept in history had black ink in its original design, including the Dot Matrix, to determine the most effective method of printing and laying ink on paper.

As a result, ink and toner cartridges are available today, offering two different methods of printing and from your regular household printer. Lexmark played a determining role with their LaserJet technology, spraying ink on a roller, which is applied to a sheet of paper, with the original test model using black ink to thoroughly optimise the technology before hitting the market. The same can be said for inkjet technology, which was based on black ink performance, before shifting to colour and hitting the incredible level of quality we are used to in the modern era.

With black ink being the popular choice for documents, black ink cartridges are bigger for commercial and residential printer models. They allow for mono-colour printing, without having to use any cyan, yellow, or magenta in the process. Should you be looking to buy black ink cartridges at fair and reasonable prices, Cartridge Hyper has a wide variety of brands to choose from. Today, we will focus on the various types and brands of black ink cartridges you can buy from Cartridge Hyper.

Our Selection of Black Ink Cartridges

Within an office working environment, chances are good that the printers are constantly in need of new black ink cartridges. Whether you need toner or regular ink, Cartridge Hyper has what you need. Our range of toner brands include HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Lexmark, and Xerox, and we have ink cartridges available for HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson models. For every individual brand, we cover a wide range of printer models to ensure that you can conveniently buy black ink cartridges for your printer at home or at work, giving you the freedom to print at your leisure, and you will always have a place that can supply you with black ink or toner when you need it.

Cartridge Hyper has a complete online store, with complete printer compatibility listings for every cartridge to avoid disappointment when buying black ink cartridges online. We also have two shop locations for people who prefer seeing the cartridges before buying them. We have branches in Silverton and Witbank. With us, you will always have ink and toner options at your disposal.

Cartridge Hyper offers a wide and comprehensive selection of black ink cartridges for our customers to buy online or in one of our shops. We also offer colour toner and ink cartridges for sale, so feel free to peruse our website to find the exact cartridges you need to refill your printer and keep your printing endeavours going. For more information, please contact us directly, and take full advantage of Cartridge Hyper’s thorough selection of black and colour toner and ink cartridges.

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