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2 Ways You Can Still Buy Original Canon Ink Cartridges and Save Money on Printing Costs

Replacement cartridges do not come cheap. We have heard this complaint time and again. It is the reason why so many people opt for buying refill or remanufactured ink cartridges when they should not. What if you could find alternative ways to save on your ink costs, and still buy original Canon ink cartridges?

And that brings us to the first way that you can save money on printing costs while still buying Canon ink cartridges…

  1. Do Not Turn the Printer Off Too Often

Printers have a habit of activating a maintenance cycle every time they are turned on. By leaving it on, the maintenance cycle, which uses ink to clean the print heads, will not be activated too often. If you are worried about doing your bit for the environment, it all evens out in the end. When not in use and in standby mode, printers use very little electricity… probably even less than a maintenance cycle will use.

  1. Get Fussy About Print Quality

If you leave your printer set to one printing mode for all print jobs, you are doing it wrong. A spreadsheet that is only for in-office use does not have to be printed in the same high-quality as a business proposal, client contract, or photo of the company VIPs. Change your printer settings according to the print job. If you can, print as much as you can in draft mode and ink-saving mode. You can usually find these under the printer settings or printer preferences tab on your computer.

As you can see, saving money while still using good-quality original printer cartridges is absolutely possible.

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