Buy Top Brands of Colour Ink Cartridges Online or In Store

Make 2019 the year to spoil your printer with top-quality ink cartridges, and spare your pocket with low colour ink prices in South Africa! How can you do that? It is quite simple really. All you have to do is buy colour ink cartridges at Cartridge Hyper. Do not worry. When dealing with Cartridge Hyper, you can expect great prices on both ink and toner cartridges for big brands, such as HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, and Xerox.

Should You Buy New Colour Ink Cartridges or Refill Old Ones?

When you consider the cost of new ink cartridges out there, the temptation to refill your old cartridges might grow, but is this really the best idea for your home or office printing needs? While the main motivation for refilling cartridges is saving money, there are risks involved. For starters, you could overfill the cartridge and damage the printer. Often, refilled cartridges leak and clog the heads, which can lead to costly maintenance and repairs. Another risk is losing out on the best possible print quality, which only a new cartridge can provide. If a healthy printer and top-quality print results are priorities for you, refilling old cartridges might not be the best route to take.

Most professional suppliers will recommend buying new cartridges, but what if your budget simply does not allow for it? Do not fret! There is another option. Buy generic colour ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer. There are many available on the market, so chat to a sales consultant before selecting the right one for you.

Get Rewarded for Shopping Wisely

Cartridge Hyper does not only cater to big business buyers. In fact, we reward our private/individual buyers by offering a rewards programme exclusively for them. If you buy colour ink cartridges for personal or home use, you can register for the rewards programme and receive 2% of each purchase back in rewards. Members of our rewards programme are also offered instant specials and offers, and are automatically entered into any competitions that we run throughout the year. If you have not joined the rewards programme yet, why not? You only stand to gain.

Buy Colour Ink Cartridges Online or In Store

To enjoy competitive prices on colour ink cartridges, you do not have to shop in store. You can also do your cartridge shopping online and have your order delivered to your door, as long as you are in South Africa. Ready to discover the Cartridge Hyper range? Click through to our online shop or use our convenient store locator to find a branch near you. Have questions? Contact us via email or telephone today.


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