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The World of Colour Ink Cartridges

Going back about 30 years, when information technology was still in the process of bringing computers and printers to the commercial and residential markets, the Dot Matrix was an especially popular choice for printing documents within office settings. The world of printing and computing was still trapped in a mono-coloured prison, and computer monitors were only available in white, green, or orange versions. Only giant industrial companies had access to any form of colour printing, which was sub-standard at the time compared to modern methods.

A big revolution came in the 1990s, when the RGB wave introduced colour monitors for residential and commercial computers. The first versions were available in 4- and 16-colour options and the technology grew at a rapid pace, which was also the case for the printing industry. Printing technology developed to the point where customers could print in vivid colour in the comfort of their own homes. The original colour ink cartridges did not feature separate colours and would use a single cartridge to achieve various colours instead of mixing specific colours together.

The Birth of Colour

Red, green, and blue are the dominant colours from which almost any other colour can be made by using light. Computer monitors would use the concept for years to come, but the printers, needing to keep up with the ever-improving monitor displays, had to be able to break through the colour barrier and produce what someone saw on their monitors.

With the introduction of high definition (HD) screens, companies such as Canon started to implement the CMYK versions of colour ink cartridges we are used to today. The colours of the CMYK versions are the inverse of the RGB palette and provide cyan, magenta, yellow, and black individual colour ink cartridges for your printer. As a result, printing quality shot through the roof and brought us to the modern era of colour printing, where you can easily print high-quality images and photos in your own home.

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