New Technologies and Why You Will Want to Buy Epson Ink Cartridges in Future

If you have wondered why it is important to buy Epson ink cartridges stated as original manufacturer ink cartridges, the answer is “quality and affordability”. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to run to the print cartridge outlet because your printer ink depleted while in the middle of a print job. If one of the colour cartridges has run dry, it will lead to uneven printing and can cause you to lose money on a print job.

Epson has come up with a solution. The EcoTank inkjet printing system with super tanks has large ink reservoirs for high-capacity printing. With such, it is possible to print up to 24 months before the tanks need to be refilled. These EcoTank printers are expected to reach the market soon, making it possible for power users to save on their Epson ink cartridge costs.

At present, the printer manufacturers often deploy the technique of selling printers at bargain prices, but then make their money from the expensive ink cartridges which are sold daily. For smaller users, it may not be an expensive endeavour to replace cartridges, since they only do so once in a while. The problem comes in when high-volume prints must be made, such as at small home offices or print outlets.

With the EcoTank Epson printers, the issue of environmental footprint is addressed, since thousands of empty cartridges end up on landfills, adding to the worldwide waste problem. With the EcoTank models, the ink will not only be more affordable, but will last longer, giving more value for money. Replacement ink will be available in bottles. All the user has to do is tip the open end of the bottle into the ink reservoir and refill. With these models, one tank will be able to handle the equivalent of about 20 Epson ink cartridges at minimum. One of the models that will hit the market – the WorkForce Pro model will use bags of ink, rather than bottles.

The innovativeness of the manufacturer will mean higher productivity and less interruption of print jobs. Customers in South Africa will be able to buy with long-term savings in mind and although the initial cost will be higher, one can expect refill savings translating into ongoing printing cost savings.

At present, over 85% of prints made are still monochrome. As such, the colour cartridges are less in demand and are thus also more expensive to replace. The same will hold true for the super tank refills, but since the average user will print fewer colour pages, the colour ink tanks will stay filled for longer.

With the ink becoming more affordable than the Epson cartridges of today, printer users won’t need to seek generic alternatives or try cheap refills. Quality will thus not be compromised. Even office users will benefit, as Epson is planning on replacing laser printers in the office with the EcoTank technology.

The technology is rolled out in multifunctional printers within the Epson Expression and WorkForce ranges, with the WorkForce Pro series targeted for using the PrecisionCore technology from Epson for faster drying of the prints. Epson has thought the process through and has also developed the Expression series for economical printing for home users.