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Should I Only Buy HP Ink Cartridges For My HP Printer Or Are There Other Options?

If you have an HP printer, you will probably be familiar with the outstanding quality that these printers provide when it comes to printing. The brand has a good reputation in the industry, and provides anything from scanners, printers, and copy machines to computers and televisions. Because it is such a popular brand, it is easy to buy HP ink cartridges from most printing consumable companies, but they can be expensive. There are, however, other options that you can also try. These include the following:

  • Generic or Third-Party Printer Products: Instead of sticking to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges, you may want to try a generic cartridge. Generic cartridges, or also known as third-party cartridges, are manufactured by companies from expired patents that have become part of the public domain. If you buy OEM cartridges, you will pay premium prices, but generic cartridges can be significantly cheaper.

You should, however, be aware of the fact that brand manufacturers, such as HP, Brother, Samsung, Canon, and other well-known printer brands stipulate that only the relevant OEM cartridges are used in their printers, and that guarantees or warrantees will fall away if generic cartridges are used. When using generic printer cartridges, the print quality may not be as good as when you buy OEM cartridges, but if print quality is not that important to you, generic may be a good solution.

  • Rebuilt or Renovated Printer Cartridges: If you choose not to buy HP ink cartridges and go with a more environmentally friendly option, remanufactured cartridges may be just what you need. These cartridges are used cartridges that are bought or collected by a third party. The cartridges are then checked for faults and broken or weak components are replaced. They are then refilled with ink and can be used in the same manner as HP cartridges. They are also a lot cheaper than OEM ink cartridges, but the quality of the prints may not be very good.
  • Refilling Your Cartridges: If you really want to save serious money and you are not very perturbed about which type of cartridge you purchase, you can buy OEM cartridges, and when they are empty, just have them refilled. Some cartridge providers will do this for you, and there are also DIY kits on the market that allow you to do it yourself. The ink pigments used in refills, however, are not always as good as they should be, and because the printer cartridge may have become damaged in the refilling process, you may end up with blotchy prints or marks across the page. This is also an environmentally friendly way of dealing with printer cartridges because they are being used instead of going to landfill or toxic waste dumps. The risk that the ink could leak into your printer and damage it exists.

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