3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy Ink Cartridges

If you work with any kind of printer, you will probably find that you need to buy ink cartridges on a fairly regular basis. Some of them will last longer than others, some will cost more than others, and often, it will be hard to decide whether to use generic or OEM ink cartridges. Sometimes, mistakes are made and money is wasted, and this can be infuriating. Here, we provide you with some of the mistakes people typically make when they go to get new ones for their printers.

  1. Ignoring Instructions: If you have a new printer, it is vital that you actually read the instructions before inserting the cartridges. Some printers have a very specific way of replacing or inserting cartridges, and it is worth paying attention to how this should be done. Also, read the instructions on the cartridge packet to ensure that you get it right the first time. Often, with colour models, the colours have to be arranged in a specific order, and if you get this wrong, you may up with a complete mess!
  • Not Knowing the Model: There is a massive amount of ink cartridges available on the market, and when you go to buy yours, you need to have a very good understanding of the make and model you need. It simply is not enough to walk into a printing consumables store and ask for a “Canon printing cartridge” because there are so many different types of Canon printers!

The poor salespeople also will not have a clue, and this means that you either end up buying the wrong cartridge, or that you have to leave the shop and return to your printer to get the correct information. The best rule of thumb here is to remove the old cartridge and take it to the shop with you, and you can then get ink cartridges that will actually fit into you printer and work well.

  • Going Too Cheap: While these products are usually quite expensive, there are other types of suitable cartridges that are cheaper. Do not simply go for the cheapest option if you value your print quality! Rather ask the sales consultant for advice about the type of ink cartridge you need to buy. He or she can then make recommendations on whether to stick to the OEM option, or whether it will suit your needs to purchase a generic or third-party cartridge for a bit less money. Keep in mind, however, that if you value high-quality prints (such as photos or graphics), you will probably need to stick to the OEM variation instead of going for a cheap option.

If you need to buy a new cartridge and are not quite sure which one will suit your needs the best, contact our team at Cartridge Hyper today, and we will provide you with all the advice and products you need.

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