Tips to Avoid Common Printer Problems when you Buy Ink Cartridges Online

Does this sound like something that has happened to you? You place your ink cartridge order online and it arrives. You eagerly install it, and instead of being able to pick up where you left off with your printing, you are faced with problems! Troubleshooting can be difficult if you are not aware of the most common printer problems, their causes, and how to fix them.

Tips and Advice for Printer Users

When you buy colour ink cartridges online, you might be faced with a few problems that you need to tackle alone, and we would love to assist you! Below are a few tips on how to fix common printer problems, which may be of use the next time you buy colour ink cartridges online and install them yourself.

  • Ink Cartridge Not Recognised

This could mean that you have purchased the wrong cartridge for your make and model of printer. This can also happen if you change from using original printer cartridges to using generic cartridges. In some older printers, the software can detect that the microchip on the cartridge is not an original brand.

  • Printer Cannot Detect New Ink Levels

If you install a new printer cartridge and the printer still thinks that it is empty, it could just be a problem reading the cartridge. You can turn the printer off and leave it off for a few minutes. Before turning it back on, remove the cartridge, clean the heads, and then replace it. This should solve the problem.

  • White Lines or Missing Pieces in The Printed Sections

This happens when the printer head is clogged or dirty. This can sometimes happen if the printer is left unused and the ink remaining on the head dries and hardens. It can also happen if you buy poor-quality colour ink cartridges online and the ink has the wrong consistency. You can physically clean the print head, or you can use the printer software to activate a cleaning or maintenance process.

When a printer presents a problem, the cause can be a variety of possible things. It is always best to seek out professional assistance with a printer problem if the above tips do not work. Sometimes, the problem can be more serious and need the attention of a printing professional or technician.

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