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If you own a laser printer, you will know that you have to buy laser toner cartridges and that ink cartridges are of no use to you. Unfortunately, many people do not realise the difference between toner cartridges for laser printers and ink cartridges, and think that the words “ink” and “toner” can be used interchangeably. The fact of the matter is that ink and toner are very different, so do not buy the wrong thing. For laser printers, you have to buy special toner. If you need to buy a laser cartridge, you can do so online at Cartridge Hyper.

We are often tasked with helping our customers understand what toner cartridges are, how it works, and what sets it apart from ink cartridges. The first thing that you have to know is that, unlike ink, toner is not a liquid pigment. It is a powder product that consists of plastic particles, carbon, and various other colouring agents. While ink printers create images and text by spraying ink onto a page, toner works by creating an electromagnetic duplicate of the image or text within the printer and then melting the toner onto the page by means of heat.

When it comes to colour printing with a laser toner cartridge, you can print in virtually countless colour combinations by mixing the magenta, cyan, yellow, and black colours. It is important to choose the right toner cartridge for your specific printer, especially when you shop online, as each cartridge manufacture produces a product that varies in terms of design, granule size of the particles, and the melting point. If you are using a printer that is not compatible with the type of toner you buy, your print result can be unsatisfactory and you might even cause damage to the printer.

While there various compatible or generic toner cartridges available online that work with a number of branded printers, we also stock cartridges from the world’s leading printer brands. These brands are very popular and include the likes of Brother, Epson, Canon, HP, Pantum, Xerox, and Samsung. We always recommend that you consider the brand of toner that matches your printer before opting for compatible products when buying online. This ensures the best quality print, good toner economy and helps to avoid potential printer malfunction.

Get the Most Out of Your Toner Cartridge – Ways to Make Your Toner Last Longer

We all know that printer cartridges are must-have printing consumables and it is only natural that you want to get the most use out of each cartridge that you buy. Here are a few tips to help you make your toner last longer:

  • Make sure that the toner is evenly distributed within the cartridge. Cover the cartridge in a paper town and shake it vigorously to ensure the toner powder is not clumped up. If the toner powder has become clumped together, you might wrongly accept that you need to replace the cartridge, but you might still be able get a few hundred copies out of it.
  • Change your printer settings when you are printing documents just for in-house use. You will find that, in toner-saver mode, draft mode, or fast mode, you use less toner. You can also opt to print in greyscale instead of rich blacks, which tend to use other colours to achieve a rich and deep black colour.
  • If you are printing documents in order to share information within the office, consider creating a cloud network online instead where in-house documents can be viewed on computers, laptops, smartphones, and connected devices, instead of being printed.

The team at Cartridge Hyper is dedicated to professionalism to help you maintain your competitive edge. By consulting with one of our professionals, you can buy laser cartridges in-store or online, at prices that are eminently affordable to all. We welcome all those looking for cost-effective toner cartridges to browse through our online product listing and to get in touch with us with any questions or queries. If you would like to find out more or obtain a quotation from us, simply send us an email or give us a call at Cartridge Hyper today.