Tricks to Make Your Toner Last Longer When You Buy New Toner Cartridges

Being caught off guard with the need to buy new toner cartridges can be inconvenient and frustrating. If you need to make your toner cartridges last a little longer while you wait for your order, or if you just want to get the very most out of each of your cartridges, there are a few tricks you can try.

One trick that works particularly well with Brother printers and toner cartridges is to trick the printer. Keep in mind that most printers will tell you that the cartridge is empty, when in fact it is just really low. There is still a little bit of toner in there to get that last document printed. The first step is to get the printer to believe you are in fact changing the cartridge, so pull it out. The printer will be told that the toner cartridge has been removed. It is designed to assume that a new, full cartridge is being installed. Then, do the following:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset the printer,
  • Put the same “empty” cartridge back into the machine,
  • Turn printer mode back on.

This trick will not give you spans of extra printing, but it can help to get a few extra or urgent documents printed. You can follow the same process on many printers, not just Brother printers.

Buy New Toner Cartridges Online – What to do While You Wait for Delivery

Now you have probably placed your order for new toner cartridges, and you are keen to try a few other tricks, that do not involve tricking the printer. Another great option is to shake things up a bit. Yes, that is right. Remove the cartridge and give it a few good vigorous shakes. This will unsettle any left-over toner from the side walls in the cartridge and drop it down to the base where it can be sensed by the printer and used. Once you are happy that you have shaken it enough, pop it back into the machine and get printing fast!

If neither of these tricks work for you, then there is only one thing left to do: buy new toner cartridges as soon as possible. Maybe get a few extra units just in case you run out again in the near future. You should also ensure that you only ever purchase original branded cartridges. Knock-offs might offer appealingly low prices, but they often disappoint in terms of per page printing yield, and sometimes, they can cause damage to the printer. Neither of these are appealing consequences.

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