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Cartridge Hyper stocks hundreds and hundreds of different cartridges, including all Canon ink and toner models. If you cannot find the cartridge you are looking for in our stores or on our website, simply let us know and we will source it for you within a day. That is our commitment to providing the best range of cartridges in South Africa, from leading brands.

No one knows a printer like the original manufacturer, and so it is always preferable to buy cartridges that were made by the same company that produced for your printer. Canon has been perfecting the design of their products for decades now, and no other cartridges can compete in terms of image quality and reliability.

In 2018, Canon commissioned a comparative study of their ink versus generic versions. The study was carried out by, Keypoint Intelligence, an independent 3rd party organisation, and can be viewed HERE. The extensive study compared the performance of various inks in a variety of printers from the Canon PIXMA series. Some important findings were:

  • Authentic ink cartridges last an average of 35% longer than generic brands. Producing more prints and better value for money before replacement is required.
  • The genuine Canon cartridges performed at 100% reliability, with not a single break, leak, or another failure.
  • They also produced an image consistency of 100%. No colour differences, line inconsistencies, or streaks were observed throughout the testing period.

Generic cartridges suffered many problems such as out-of-the-box failures, line consistency issues and half tone colour issues. Some could not even produce a sufficient sample for testing, at 250 pages for some tests and 500 pages for others. There is no doubt that superior performance and reliability is only obtained with original cartridges.

An Environmentally Conscious Brand Who Care

In addition to printing quality and reliability, Canon is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products. That is why Canon was the first company to launch a toner cartridge recycling programme in 1990. Every year the company collect millions of used products at their processing plants, which are then stripped for spare parts. The remaining material is then either recycled in the larger recycling economy or used in energy recovery power plants. This ensures that none of the material is sent to landfill, as part of Canon’s no-landfill policy.

From the beginning of this initiative in 1990 till 2018, more than 408 000 tonnes of used products were reprocessed across the world. This contributed to the reduction of Canon’s CO2 emissions by 601 000 tonnes over the same period. This recycling programme has reduced the need for raw materials in production processes by 285 000 tonnes.

These efforts have been a major influence in the economic realm, prompting many other large organisations to become conscious of their environmental impact and to take steps to reduce those impacts on the natural world.

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