Amazing Photos with Canon Cartridges

We all know the unfortunate reality of faded and damaged photos. Usually, the photos that are most valuable to use for the deep history they have are also the ones in the worst condition, given their long life going from stacks in envelopes, to frames and maybe eventually to a photo album. This is the motivation for Canon’s continuous striving in the pursuit of excellent quality photos that also last as long as possible.

Canon has been developing what they call their ChromaLife100 ink cartridges. These inks are formulated to provide longer-lasting prints for documents and photographs; the estimated lifespan of a photo in open air is up to 20 years, in a frame with a cover, up to 40 years and kept safely in a photo album, your memories can last over 200 years!

In addition to this innovation, the PIXMA range of photo-specialised inkjet printers do not carry the simple combination of yellow, cyan, magenta and black inks. An additional ink called “Photo Blue” joins the team to give your printer a much improved palette, with which it can provide improved colour realism and subtlety. The PIXMA cartridge series also makes use of the strengths of both dye-based and pigment-based inks. There are various benefits of one over the other across applications, so Canon has engineered their printers and cartridges to get the best of both worlds!

There’s more to printing than ink formulation, though, and Canon has designed their cartridges to maximise the benefits of all the work that has gone into their inks. The FINE cartridges Canon produce get their name from Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering, and pack almost as many tiny nozzles into the given area as can realistically be achieved.  This exceptional coverage, combined with the accuracy and precision of each nozzle, enables these cartridges to produce grain-free images with beautiful tonality and higher resolution.

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