Canon Cartridges

How to Calculate the Cost of Your New Printer and Ink Cartridges

For any business, knowing the expected costs for the month or quarter is essential information. Especially smaller businesses have to be acutely aware at all times what their profitability is in order to address untoward expenses in time. If you are part of a large company, it is likely that your printing and computing costs are high. This means that being able to accurately predict how much a new printer will cost you per month can help you allocate the correct amount of resources for the printing function, and prevent you from being caught off-guard by any unforeseen expenses.

This is particularly important if you have a number of printers throughout your company, as the costs can quickly spiral out of control and become a major expense that sends you over your budget prediction. The cost per print is also an important factor to consider when deciding which printer to purchase. It can be used to monitor the efficiency of your machine and its ink/toner usage. An example is that, should your cost per print increase over time, it could be an indication that your office is inefficiently using your printer, or the printer has become less efficient. On a different note, you can also calculate the cost per print to determine which ink or toner cartridges produce the most economical results, and therefore save you the most money.

Two Ways of Calculating Cost Per Print

The first way to go about calculating the cost per print of a specific printer is to have a print provider perform a print assessment using the print management software on your device. This is the more time-intensive approach due to the way data is gathered, but the results tend to be slightly more accurate. The second and faster method is to do it manually. Start by determining your printer manufacturer and model number first, because cost-per-print calculations vary by printer and manufacturer. These details can be located directly on the printer body, or within its manual or the computer’s control panel.

Following this, it is necessary to determine your yield per cartridge. Most printer manufacturers share their page yield figures on their website, and often on the side of toner cartridge packaging. Canon cartridges in particular are known for their high yield numbers. Manufacturers provide different page yield figures for black-and-white and colour printing. Most manufacturers run a variation of the following tests to determine these figures:

  • To calculate black-and-white page yields, printer manufacturers print a text document using toner to cover about 5% of the page over and over again, until the cartridge is empty; and
  • To calculate colour page yields, manufacturers print a document combining text and graphics, using toner that covers about 20% of the page, until the cartridges are empty.

Determine the Price of Each Toner Cartridge

If you would like to determine the precise cost per print, you will need to know the cost of the printer cartridges you are using. To calculate black-and-white cost per print, you only need the price of the black toner cartridge. For colour, you will need the cost of all cartridges, including black, magenta, cyan, and yellow. When you have all the above information at hand, you can calculate the cost per print for black and white by dividing the cost of the toner cartridge by the page yield. Do the same for the colour cartridge(s).

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