Why Look for Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges for Sale?

Are you looking for a place that offers a wide range of Canon ink cartridges for sale? Look no further. With a product range of 1500 plus line items, we offer an extensive range of ink cartridges for sale. In addition, we are a certified supplier of Canon printer consumables. If we don’t have the particular products you need, we make it our mission to get the items within 24 hours. With such a service pledge in place, you have the assurance of quality, a quick turnaround time, and superb pricing.

The Benefits of Our Canon Ink Cartridges

• Long-lasting quality. Canon ensures that its ink cartridges work perfectly with different printer models. Original products from the brand are designed to deliver consistent quality and to give you more prints for your money. They offer the additional benefit of non-fading prints that keep their lustre for years to come. This is certainly a good enough reason to buy the original manufacturer’s toner or ink from the brand.

More prints per unit. The company understands that you want to keep printing costs low. Without compromising on quality, they design their units to produce 35% more prints than compatible or generic cartridges offered on sale usually offer. Now you don’t have to risk quality for the sake of cost savings.

• Superb reliability. Canon is known for the quality of its products. As such, expect cartridges that are less likely to break. You can also expect consistency in performance from every Canon ink product for sale. Indeed, their products work every time. With the 100% performance assurance, you don’t need to be concerned with a backup plan for prints. Of course, it also means less waste and need for reprints. As such, you already save on ink, paper, electricity, and time when buying one of the Canon cartridges for sale through us.

• A hologram to show it is the genuine product. So, how do you know that the ink cartridges that we have for sale are genuine Canon products? Easy – look for the brand’s hologram that is present on all their paper-based packages. If you view the hologram from the front, it has an iridescent gold appearance and when you tilt the package to the horizontal position, it has a dark-green iridescent appearance. If the hologram is fake, it does not change colour or doesn’t show the right colours as described above. Some of the plastic packages don’t have the hologram but the logo is present. If the package is an imitation of the genuine product, the logo appears blurred and spelling mistakes can be spotted in the description.

• More convenience with the brand’s fine system. The brand offers a fine system that makes it possible to only replace one or two units at a time. This works because with this system, you only have a colour and black cartridge. The black is for rendering super-sharp text while the colour is for perfect image printing.

Make use of our affordable prices on our genuine Canon ink cartridges. Place your order online or use the store locator to find an outlet near you.

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