Canon Ink and Toner Cartridges

Canon has been at the forefront of the printing and photography industries for years on end. With various market-disrupting technologies being introduced in both sectors, Canon became the corporate powerhouse it is today by making life easier with excellent cameras and printers that can bring photographs to life with amazing colour and precision. Photography aside, the world of printing has seen some innovations over the past few decades, coming a long way from era of the dot matrix 2-dimensional monochrome impact printer, and transforming colour printing forever. Original inkjet printing concepts appeared from 1951, even though it was limited in various ways before becoming a printing standard about 40 years later.

Canon inkjet printers grew in popularity thanks to their ease of use and the incredible printing quality these machines could achieve. Canon never stopped developing the technology used in these printers, adding more refinements to ensure that your Canon printer performs at its best, whether for personal use at home or work-related projects in a professional environment. Out of all the innovative additions to Canon’s printers, one stands out in particular – the switch to individual CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and “key” (black)) colour cartridges. Your Canon printer uses four individual cartridges, as opposed to a single colour cartridge accompanied by a solid black cartridge. The black cartridge was used for document printing, as it still is today, while the other colour cartridge was used for any images or documents with more than one colour. The picture has changed since then.

CMYK Canon Printer Cartridges

The moment colour printing enters the picture, your Canon printer use four types of individual printer cartridges in combination to create any colour. These cartridges consist of specific colours that can be mixed with each other to create any printing colour under the sun. The four colours, as previously mentioned, are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Canon’s black printer cartridges are bigger than the colour versions, as it holds more ink to be used more frequently than its colour counterparts. The reason for increasing the size of the black cartridges is simply the vast amounts of black-and-white documents that are printed regularly compared to the number of colour documents and images that are typically printed over the same period.

The black ink is used in the vast majority of printing jobs, whereas true greyscale documents never use the colour cartridges if the black cartridge can simply complete the printing task on its own. This leaves the C, M, and Y printer cartridges to take care of business regarding the production of vivid colour on various printing media. To explain why these three colours have been chosen for printing purposes, we must dig into the journey of colour within the information technology sector. When white light is broken up, a spectrum of colours are formed, with seven distinct colours being visible from the spectrum. Out of these colours, three colours are able to create the rest, namely red, green, and blue.

Once these three colours are mixed, they create white light once again. As a result, computer monitors ran on the RGB concept for years, before the implementation of CMYK changed the industry forever. Cyan is the inverse colour of red, with magenta being the inverse of green, and yellow the inverse of blue. This resulted in Canon using this colour palette for their colour printer cartridges, resulting in more vivid and accurate colour printing with the addition of the black cartridge in preference to using a mix of all three colours to create the black colour – and therefore being more efficient and saving ink in the process. The CMYK Canon printer cartridges forever changed the way people approached printing and buying cartridges for their printers, making the process of replacing cartridges simpler. Should an individual colour cartridge run out of ink, it can simply be replaced on its own, without having to replace the entire colour cartridge and recalibrating the printer.

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