Canon Printer Cartridges – Maximise Your Benefit

Canon printer cartridges, made by Canon for their machines, are the safest bet when looking for replacement units.  Even though OEM (original equipment manufacturer) consumables for both inkjet and laser printers tend to be more costly than generic units made by a third party, they should be your first choice if they can be afforded. Rather buy genuine Canon printer cartridges and try to maximise the yield you get from the OEM units. There are several ways to get the most out of cartridges without adversely affecting the quality of the print output.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Canon Printer Cartridges

Specific cartridges will indicate the number of prints they should produce on average. This is usually stated as X amount of A4 simplex (single-sided) pages with Y percentage page coverage. Although yield is affected by cartridge size, printer resolution and the substrate being printed on, it is still possible to get an accurate indication of how many prints can be reasonably expected. Compare this to your actual number of prints between replacements.

When buying Canon printer cartridges, buy the highest volume replacement unit offered. Where high volume or XL-sized units are available for your printer, lower costs per print can be achieved. XL size units contain as much, or more, ink than two standard units and can cost significantly less. Look for multiple unit packs which are usually priced to make the cost per unit in the multi-pack less than the price of a single cartridge.

Default settings on new printers are set to deliver the best possible print quality. Substantial savings on ink can be achieved by tailoring printer settings to suit the actual quality needed. It makes no sense, for instance, to print internal office communications out on the photo quality settings!

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