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The Epson Legacy

Epson is one of the most popular printing brands in the industry today, offering more than just normal printers for residential use. If you are in the branding and CI industry, chances are that you are using various Epson printer models to directly print on garments and other materials. Should you be in the commercial sector, working in a shop with regular receipts being printed out for customers paying via credit or debit cards, your receipt printer is probably an Epson model. For detailed and specific photo-printing purposes, with glossy or light artistic finishes, Epson does not only offer specific printer models, but also specific colour cartridges to ensure that the printed result is exactly what you want.

With such a wide variety of printers for various sectors, Epson printer cartridges are specifically designed to deliver excellent results for optimised photo, receipt, and branding printing to ensure that your work does not only look good, but also represents a quality standard for other companies to aspire to. Epson colour cartridges also adapt the use of the CMYK colour palette for more accurate results when printing in various colours, and true black for documents and other mono-colour prints. Although the success of Epson printers can be attributed to their specialised designs for certain applications, the company itself has a rich and interesting history. Should you be looking for a shop that can deliver almost any type of Epson printer cartridge, whether in the form of ink or toner, Cartridge Hyper is where you will find a wide selection of cartridges for sale.

The History of Epson

The name of the company is an abbreviation of “Son of Electronic Printer”. For the 1964 Olympics that took place in Japan, the Seiko Group was selected as the official timekeeper for the event, requiring printing timers for the events. Shinshu Seiki was established in 1961 to supply subsidised precision parts for the Seiko Group, producing the necessary printing timers for the Olympics and the Seiko Group. The world’s first mini-printer was launched in 1968 by Shinshu Seiki. It was named the EP-101, and it gave birth to the Epson name that would be used for the next generation of printers being released to the public in 1975. In the same year, Epson America Inc. was established to sell these printers for Shinshu Seiki in the United States. Forwarding to recent times, we find that the Epson company is responsible for the development of the Micro Piezo inkjet technology, using a piezoelectric crystal in their cartridge nozzles without having to heat the ink in the print head while it gets sprayed onto pages in the printing process. The Epson MJ-500 was released in 1993, using the Epson Stylus 800 cartridges, which would lead to the first high-resolution colour inkjet printer to be released only a year later.

The Epson Stylus Color used Micro Piezo head technology to avoid having to heat the ink in the cartridges or print heads while delivering a quality printout at a resolution of 720 dots per inch, which was considered a high resolution at the time. The models that followed (the Stylus series), would make use of the DURABrite colour cartridges, and featured two hard drives and its own interface to make high-quality printing accessible to the masses. The Epson company was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2003, bringing the company into the public spotlight, from which they achieved their modern-day success through supplying specific printer models for industries demanding specialised printers, all while still producing high-resolution printers for residential and commercial use. In the modern era, the selection of Epson printer cartridges for commercial and residential photo printing is specifically designed for various purposes, giving you a comprehensive choice when buying Epson printer cartridges. This is where Cartridge Hyper holds the key to what you need.

Because of the popularity of Epson printers, Cartridge Hyper offers a wide selection of Epson cartridges for sale. Should you be looking for quality printer cartridges, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Cartridge Hyper today, and never run out of toner or ink cartridges again. We offer various brands and sizes of printer cartridges for sale to businesses and the public.

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