Epson has been pushing the limits of printer cartridge technology with their PrecisionCore line of cartridges. These precisely crafted products enable printing quality, speed and consistency that puts them among the best in the world.

The first step in making one of these superior Epson printer cartridges is getting the right manufacturing processes in place. Epson has developed a fabrication process that they refer to as MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). This enables them to place mechanical components, sensors, actuators, electronic circuits and other elements on a variety of base materials with precision down to the micron level. That’s a thousandth of a millimetre!

The fabrication needs to be that precise because the nozzles on an inkjet printer cartridge are only a few microns wide and get packed in by the tens of thousands on a single printhead. The super-precise fabrication also enables another of Epson’s innovations, which is their use of extremely thin piezoelectric films.

Thin-film piezoelectric (TFP) technology, in the Epson PrecisionCore line, uses piezoelectric materials to push ink out of the nozzles. Conventionally, a tiny electric resistor is used for this purpose. When it receives an electrical current, the resistor heats up, causing expansion which pushes out a droplet. Piezoelectric materials, on the other hand, have the peculiar property of flexing when an electrical current is supplied. The resistors in Epson printer cartridges are replaced with a tiny piece of piezoelectric material, which can then be made to flex and push out an ink droplet.

The chief advantage of this innovation is that the droplets can be made much more uniformly since the exact flex of the piezoelectric film can be controlled with a lot more precision than the heat expansion of ink. This results in a more consistent application of ink to the page, which provides a better image at the end of the day.

This approach to printhead manufacture has been scaled to printheads for all applications. Epson’s PrecisionCore technology is available for large-format industrial printers, digital label presses and printers and, of course, home and business printers. This ensures that anyone can access the superior quality and consistency of this technology, whatever the application.

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