At Cartridge Hyper, we specialise in the supply of genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ink and toner from top printer brands around the world. That means that no matter the specific brand of your printer, you can find high-quality genuine ink cartridges with us. We also stock a wide range of genuine toner cartridges.

In fact, we back our massive range with a two-day average on sourcing and delivering any ink or toner cartridges that our customers can’t find in our catalogue or stores. A simple enquiry is all it takes and we will get the right ink or toner to you as needed. See our store locations here, or just order a delivery and sit back.

The benefits of genuine ink cartridges range from reliable performance to the preservation of your printer’s warranty! You don’t want to have to replace your printer along with the cartridge when a failure comes along, and the performance averages will also be much higher in any case, with genuine ink cartridges. Generic toner and ink cartridges are prone to operating failures and print quality issues, which are rare and easy to rectify with guarantees and replacements in the case of OEM products.

Printer manufacturers usually include a security sticker on their packaging so that it is easy to identify genuine products. These are often holographic stickers with intricate details that would be very difficult to replicate. These stickers, along with the state of the packaging, should be inspected closely if the quality of the source is doubtful. With Cartridge Hyper, however, you can trust our global network of authorised suppliers to get the best genuine ink cartridges and other printer supplies to your door. Deliveries have picked up massively during the last few years of lockdowns, and we pride ourselves on fast and efficient delivery. Get quality genuine ink cartridges delivered quickly by following a few easy steps on our website.