There is no feeling quite like trying to print a document and seeing that foreboding ‘low ink’ message on your computer screen. It usually comes at the most inconvenient moment, when you don’t have time to spare and need to print those critical documents imminently. Forward-planning is always best, and it is a good idea to pre-buy a number of ink cartridges from a reputable source before you need them.

Here we share some top tips on getting the most of your cartridges. This is a great way to save money and keep your ink usage to a minimum.  

1. Use economy or draft mode: Using draft or economy mode on your Epson printer is a fantastic way to save ink and make the most of your cartridges. Unless you need to print super professional documents, use these modes as your standard. These modes also result in a speedier print, perfect for daily papers.

2. Check for typos: There is nothing worse than printing a stack of pages, only to realise that there are typos abound. Be sure to check your documents before printing to ensure there aren’t any typos and that the style, font, and colour are to your choosing.

3. It’s all about font. Did you know that specific fonts use more ink than others? Two of the most economical fonts are Courier New and Garamond, printing 256 and 243 pages respectively before the ink starts running out. Some of the less economical fonts include Calibri and Century Gothic, both of which print 145 pages before the ink starts running out.

4. Choose original equipment manufacturer cartridges: If you have an Epson printer, choosing Epson ink cartridges is a fantastic way to produce excellent results. These ink cartridges are specifically built for the particular printer and will thus often produce a greater printing yield.

5. Don’t always hit print: While printing is essential in numerous sectors, there are some things that you can store digitally. Before hitting print on every document, consider storing it in the Cloud. This might work well for invoices or once-off documents.

6. Look after your printer: Servicing your printer and dealing with any problems as they arise is a great way to get the most of your machine and the ink. Ensure you get any issues checked out and give it a good clean by a printing technician every year or two for optimal success.

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