OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) inkjet printer cartridges are considered to be expensive, but what most may not know is that almost all printer manufacturers sell their printers at a loss or very small margins. Manufacturers’ profits lie in the sale of the consumables used to produce prints. They control their proprietary technology by designing and manufacturing the print cartridges to fit the specific printers that they manufacture. An HP 652 cartridge will only fit a specific HP printer or range of printers.

This allows manufacturers to control the price of their consumables to a large degree. Nearly all leading printer manufacturers, such as Canon, Brother, Epson, and others, rely on profit from replacement consumables over the lifespan of the printer.

Cost considerations aside, an original HP 652 cartridge will be manufactured to the highest standards and is guaranteed to function flawlessly in the printer for which it has been manufactured. HP designs the printer, and the HP 652 cartridge replacement for it, and has a fundamental understanding of how to make the two components work together to deliver the highest page yield while maintaining the best print quality.

HP was placed 62nd on the 100 Most Powerful Brands list in 2020 by SyncForce’s Ranking the Brands Top 100. Constantly striving to maintain their position as one of the leading technology brands in the world, HP always ensures to introduce products to the market that consistently deliver exemplary performance. They are also committed to delivering their products with the least possible environmental impact and are engaged in ongoing efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Is there a compatible alternative for an HP 652 Cartridge?

There will inevitably be a compatible (also known as generic) unit made by a third-party manufacturer designed to be an HP 652 cartridge analogue. Although compatible units will be less costly than their OEM counterparts, one has to be more cautious when deciding to move away from the OEM product.

OEM ink cartridges are the safest option for printer ink replacement but there are very good compatible units on offer too. The trick is to find a reputable supplier known for providing compatible products that are equivalent to the OEM offering in terms of print quality, reliability and print yield. Cartridge Hyper offers a vast range of OEM and compatible replacements and can give professional, expert advice on any matter related to printer consumables. We provide an OEM HP 652 cartridge and a quality compatible replacement. Whatever your printing preference, Cartridge Hyper caters to your needs. Shop online or in-store now.