HP Cartridges: Both Green and Good

HP has demonstrated a significant effort toward more sustainable production and recycling processes. Since 2016, for example, they have purchased more than 770 000 kilograms of waste plastic from Haiti. This plastic was bound for the ocean, as so much unfortunately is. This initiative also created employment opportunities for thousands of people living on the largely impoverished island nation.

This drive for sustainability, however, has not come at the cost of quality. HP printers and cartridges are still among the highest performing print products in the world. An independent study was carried out by the SpencerLab Digital Colour Laboratory to test exactly this.

3 different models of monochrome toner units were the subjects of testing. HP units were compared to compatible models from 8 other manufacturers. Each unit was operated from new until end-of-life, being swapped into another printer during the testing process to eliminate printer peculiarities. As such, each cartridge was operated in 2 new printers through the course of testing, which involved printing out a 4-page test suite designed to represent typical office usage.

For those units that managed to expend all of their toner before breaking down, thousands of pages from each were collected over 64 regular intervals throughout the test. These pages were graded for print quality, in 4 rankings: fit for external use, fit for internal use, fit for individual use and unusable. While 96.8% of the HP cartridge output was fit for external use, only 53.4% of the pages produced by alternative brands reached this standard.

Cartridges were also ranked in terms of reliability. Any units that were dead-on-arrival were noted, as were those that produced printing defects and those that broke down over the course of testing. The results reflected the trend set in the quality assessments, with 0 HP units suffering any reliability issues. Alternative brands, however, had reliability problems in 77% of the units.

In terms of page count, the trend continued, with HP cartridges producing an average of 55% more pages of sufficient print quality to escape the unusable rating.

As this study proved. HP is maintaining the highest quality standards in their production facilities, while simultaneously incorporating more sustainable and eco-friendly approaches to the overall life cycle of their products.

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