Cartridge Hyper is committed to providing quality printing products whenever you need them. Our massive range of HP ink cartridges and toner supplies, along with other accessories, covers all the bases, but there are still times when inkjet cartridges get clogged up.

Manufacturers like HP do much research and spend time developing and crafting extremely precise parts for their nozzles and ink reservoirs, and the extremely small diameter of the nozzles makes them vulnerable to blockages if they don’t get used much.

Below, see the general best practice for restoring HP ink cartridges to working condition if they have become clogged.

  • Prepare a paper towel or cotton swab by dampening it with water.
  • Remove the cartridge and either place it on the damp paper towel or use the cotton swab to lightly rub over the printhead area.
  • Be sure not to apply much force with the swab or by pressing the unit into the paper towel.
  • After about 10 minutes of resting on the paper towel or about five minutes of gentle cleaning with a cotton swab, wipe away any excess ink and place the cartridge nozzles up to dry.
  • After about 10 minutes, the printheads should be dry. Place them back in the printer and run the automated cleaning program on the printer.

This should restore your printer to its competent working state. If not, you may need to replace a unit or repeat the process. If you suspect your product has a fault, and you have purchased it from us within the last 14 days, we will gladly receive the item and assess it. If a fault is found we will replace the product for you.

To prevent nozzles from clogging from underuse, you can store the cartridges. Place them in a sealed container with the nozzles facing upward and place a small container of water in the larger container with them.

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