HP Ink Cartridges: 11 Reasons They’re Worth the Investment

If you have been using generic cartridges all this time, eager to avoid paying a little extra for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, you may be missing out on a few benefits. HP is known as the world’s top printer vendor, and they put extra effort into optimising their ink cartridges to accommodate their products. Not convinced? Below are 11 outstanding reasons to opt for genuine HP ink cartridges.

  1. Printed images are far superior when using OEM products because HP designs their printers and ink together. They are optimised to work together and thus produce the best results when it comes to print quality and yield.
  2. The brand makes use of printheads that interact with ink for superior prints. These printheads resist clogs and promote a long print cartridge life. Documents and photos are also thus more durable, better quality, and feature lifelike colour and detail.
  3. HP cartridges contain ink that has been created to contain only the highest standard of balanced ingredients for an unfailing formula that offers top performance.
  4. Installing your replacement cartridge is quick and easy, you won’t need to worry about any mistakes.
  5. Performance is reliable – your printer will not suffer any damage, and there’s no need to worry about reprinting wasted pages or costly repairs due to using third-party products.
  6. HP ink cartridges contain a formula that increases drying times of images, which helps to prevent smudges and smearing of the print.
  7. The brand’s popularity and wide availability across South Africa mean you will never need to look far to replace your cartridges.
  8. You can choose between high-yield and multi-pack products, depending on the print jobs you often need to be done.
  9. HP Planet Partners is a free and simple way to recycle old cartridges, which means your use of an original brand cartridge will help to save the environment. These recycled products do not land up in landfills or contribute to pollution, but are rather utilised in the manufacturing of new products.
  10. Prints last much longer and are resistant to fading over time, even when exposed to light.
  11. Documents and images are far more resistant to moisture and smearing, so you can have confidence in the prints you choose to share.

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