Get the Most Out of Your Prints with HP Printer Cartridges

Whether you deal with documents galore at work, or your kids require a few prints for school projects and homework, you know how important high-quality prints are. You want a print that is clear and sharp, with lifelike pigments and blended shades. What most people do not realise, though, is that much of your print quality is determined by the type of cartridge that you use. This means that while the printer you buy is essential, you don’t want to get caught without a quality cartridge designed for top results. HP printer cartridges are known as a fantastic investment worldwide for several reasons.

HP Printer Cartridges and the Benefits They Offer

When purchasing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, you are investing in components you can be sure will work well for your printer. There is thus a guarantee that your cartridge will work every time and yield the highest possible quality prints. HP printer cartridges are made for their branded printers and have been created to brilliant standards, down to the last detail. Every cartridge has to meet the strictest standards in performance and compatibility, and you will find that you get much more out of your cartridge. According to a study conducted by Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), over 40 % of non-HP cartridges failed – 11% did not work at all, and 31% expired prematurely. Re-manufactured and generic products simply don’t hold the same assurance of high standards as what the brand holds for itself.

There is also research that shows that you would need to purchase six third-party ink cartridges to produce the same amount of prints as four original HP printer cartridges. Not only is this more affordable, but it reduces your environmental footprint too. Most customers are pleasantly surprised about the fact that the brand makes a special effort to produce environmentally friendly components. They also have a product return and recycling programme available across 73 countries globally.

Because each household and business has various printing needs, HP has several products available to accommodate your requirements, such as;

  • standard cartridge packs,
  • high-yield packs,
  • multi-packs; and
  • photo and OfficeJet value packs.

The fantastic part about all this is that here at Cartridge Hyper, we offer these products and more – all at competitive prices you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. What is more, you can purchase our products online and have them delivered to your door. To find out more, have a chat with one of our experienced sales team members today.