HP Printer Cartridges

At Cartridge Hyper, we are committed to providing the very best printing supplies from around the world to our customers. That’s why we stock printer cartridges from leading manufacturers, such as HP. HP has become one of the best-performing printer manufacturers in the world today through endless innovation and customer focus and their excellent line of ink and toner cartridges, which is just a few clicks away on the Cartridge Hyper store.

Printing for Business

Business printing takes a wide range of forms, and often require high-quality printed materials. Marketing material, for example, requires long-lasting and smudge-resistant printing. Particularly when it comes to record-keeping, reliable and lasting prints are a must. When print volumes are high, you need ink that will resist smudging and thereby prevent large numbers of brochures or flyers from being ruined.

Document storage is another important consideration, and HP ink printer cartridges are formulated to have strong resistance to fading. The ink formula is tested both internally by HP and externally by an independent organisation (Wilhelm Imaging Research) to assess printing performance as accurately as possible. It has been found that HP’s pigment-based ink is especially fade-resistant, with a dark (in a dark folder or box) storage life of more than 200 years!

Reliable Photo Printing

HP ink is already fade-resistant, but when combined with photo paper, this quality is fortified even more. Your photos will come out with excellent UV resistance, which is important for photos that are framed and put on display. Different combinations of ink and paper have varying levels of fade resistance, so be sure to look into it or ask our staff about the best products for your printing needs. Visit one of our stores or contact us directly for more information. You can also browse our full selection of printer cartridges on our store page.