HP Printer Cartridges Available at Cartridge Hyper

A printer cartridge is a receptacle used to contain a variety of consumables used to form an image or print alphanumeric information on substrates such as paper. The consumable can be anything from dry toner powder (used in laser-based machines) to a pigmented dye (used in dye sublimation machines) or the water-based inks found in inkjet machines. The type of printer cartridges that most people are likely to encounter in their work environment or at home will be for either inkjet machines or the toner units used in lasers and digital copiers.

What is the Difference Between an Inkjet and Laser?

There is a significant and fundamental difference between units designed for the two commonly encountered printing technologies. HP printer cartridges designed for inkjet-type machines are relatively simple containers for holding a pigmented fluid that has a water-like viscosity. The fluid acts as a carrier for the pigment (also known as a colouring agent). The fluid is typically either absorbed by the substrate, as in the case of paper, or evaporates off, in the case of non-porous substrates, leaving the pigment behind.

HP printer cartridges made for laser-based machines are entirely different to their inkjet counterparts. Laser cartridges are far more complex. HP printer cartridges for laser machines contain a photosensitive drum, a cover flap and sealing strips as well as a receptacle or hopper for the toner and a mechanism with gears and rollers. Unlike ink, toner is not a liquid but a dry powder consisting of ultra-fine polymer particles mixed with a coloured pigment. Toner powder is dry so neither absorption nor evaporation can be used to deposit the pigment onto the print surface. Laser machines use heat and pressure to melt the plastic polymer particles onto the surface of the substrate being printed on.

Get the Best Out of Your HP Printer Cartridges

You get the best out of your HP printer cartridges by performing regular maintenance. Perform a maintenance run at least once a month. If you don’t run your printer that often, the ink dries out, clogging the printheads. Simple clogs can often be remedied by running a head cleaning cycle and nozzle check on your printer. Common sense should tell you that the circuitry or nozzle plates on your HP printer cartridges should never be touched. These are high precision relatively “delicate” areas which can be easily damaged. Leaving a cartridge in direct sunlight is also a bad idea. Excessive heat will cause the ink to expand, and this could result in leaking and ink drying in the print nozzles.

Convenience and Price on All HP Printer Cartridges

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