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If you do a lot of printing, you might want to consider investing in a top-quality printer with consumables to match. Hewlett-Packard is certainly not a new brand on the printing market; in fact, HP is considered a leader in the printer field and a brand that provides consumers with some of the best quality products that offer outstanding printed results. HP manufactures a variety of printer cartridges that are ideal for use in any environment, whether it is the business or the home. Whatever your printing needs, HP has a printer and cartridge that will be ideal for you! All HP printer cartridges are coded according to a colour with a specific meaning, which makes it easy to select your next cartridge. Simply reference the number on your current empty cartridge and you are done. Typically, you will find that standard-yield cartridges are in blue packaging and high-yield cartridges in green packaging.

The speciality HP printer cartridges can be found in red packaging. Speciality printer cartridges are typically used for the likes of photograph printing and large-scale printing. Regardless of whether you are printing a photograph or a document for a presentation, you can expect crisp, clear, and precise results from HP printer cartridges. While you will find that there are various generic printer cartridges on the market that will fit your HP printer, it is always strongly advised that you select an HP-branded cartridge for your device. This means that your printer will work efficiently and will not smear printing, along with other issues that can be caused by generic cartridges. We all know that cartridges can be expensive to replace but, with HP products, you get real value for money. Hewlett-Packard is a company that believes in providing customers with a high-quality product that is fairly priced. You will find that all of the HP printer cartridges available in our catalogue are priced very competitively.

HP Printer Cartridges for The Environmentally Aware

Many companies have realised that operating in an environmentally friendly manner is the only way forward. It is not only about impressing the public, but also about taking responsibility for the effect and impact that the business has on the environment. If you know the HP brand, you will know that the company is dedicated to being eco-friendly and is therefore a great choice for environmentally conscious companies. The company encourages all its retailers to participate in responsible printing and sale of cartridges. In most areas, they have locations set up for the collection of empty HP printer cartridges, so that they can be recycled correctly and not sent to fill up a landfill site.

All HP cartridges are manufactured from recycled plastic. Recycling and environmental responsibility are of the utmost importance to HP. Unfortunately, HP has had to contend with counterfeit HP cartridges entering the market over the years. To minimise this, and to ensure that loyal HP customers are not disappointed by fake “HP” products, the company places a security label on each of its products, which is difficult to copy. If you are not sure if you are buying a genuine HP product, you can check the serial number on the label and call Hewlett-Packard to check if it is an original product or a counterfeit.

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