Epson is a company at the frontier of printing and electronic innovation. The continuous improvement of their products has benefits not only for you, the customer, but also for the planet and society as a whole. Cartridge Hyper stocks all the Epson printer cartridges you need, as well as printing supplies by other leading printer brands, all in one convenient stop.

One of the most beneficial improvements Epson has made, especially for high-paced office environments, is their DURABrite Ultra Ink. This pigment-based ink has been crafted to adhere exceptionally well to the page upon application. This is different from dye-based inks, which rely on other liquid dynamics to soak into the paper, and can more easily be disturbed during this soaking and drying phase.

The immediate benefit of DURABrite Ultra Ink is the drastically lower chance of smudging and other post-print defects, since the printed image is more quickly bonded to the page. This allows for more reliable duplex printing, as the pages are ready to handle mere moments after the image first hits the page.

The unique properties of this ink also give it a better ability to resist smudging or distortion under highlighters and other markers. DURABrite resists dissolving into the highlighter, so you can make notes and markings without hesitation!

Epson has also had their eye on the condition of the planet, and as concern grows over the human impact on Earth’s natural systems, have adapted their cartridge technology to move toward a greener and more efficient future.

Epson has partnered with National Geographic to raise awareness about ways to minimise our impact on the environment. A short collaborative video about the research of permafrost in the arctic can be viewed here, along with other information about Epson’s commitments in this regard.

The Heat-Free Technology now implemented in Epson printers and Epson ink cartridges is one example of this adaptation. Specifically, the piezo-electric technology in Epson ink cartridges requires much less energy to operate, providing a more sustainable printing solution.

In general, inkjet cartridges pass an electric current through a resistor to generate heat, which causes expansion that pushes out an ink droplet. The piezo-electric components of Epson ink cartridges, on the other hand, use a special material that can be designed to flex in a very predictable and reliable way when a current is applied.

The movement of this tiny component pushes the ink droplet out of the nozzle before snapping back to its original position. The fact that this material can flex so reliably means that much less electrical energy is required to move the same amount of ink, when compared to the thermal expansion method.

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