If you’re looking for a convenient source of ink cartridges, look no further than Cartridge Hyper! We are proud to stock a massive variety of ink cartridges from a wide selection of inkjet printer manufacturers, including Canon, HP, Brother and Epson. 

We understand that the price of replacing ink cartridges has a reputation for being quite costly. Therefore, we source our products directly from authorised international suppliers. This way we can keep the middlemen to a minimum and bring you printing supplies that you can trust. You shouldn’t have to use generic cartridges that put your printer and warranty at risk just to avoid paying inflated prices.

Our retail outlets span Gauteng, with 17 locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and we also have stores in the Free State and Mpumalanga. Here you will find shelves stocked end-to-end with more ink and toner cartridges and printing accessories than you could wave a stick at, and our friendly staff navigate the sea of items to bring you exactly the ones you need.

Alternatively, our online store puts you only a few clicks away from all the ink cartridges in our vast supply network. We offer super-quick delivery to regions near our stores, with delivery times of under a week for anywhere else you might be in the country.

Whether you shop in-store or online, don’t miss out on our exclusive rewards program! The few minutes it takes you to sign up will be rewarded for years to come with member discounts, free entries to any competitions we hold and even personalised discount deals based on the particular items that you purchase. This maximises the benefits to you, since you will be saving on the very items you purchase the most!

Contact your nearest store or browse our catalogue online for more information about our products.

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