Ink Cartridges or Tanks?

Laser and inkjet represent two vastly different technologies. Ink is better at certain print applications than laser and vice versa, although areas of overlap exist. Where the bulk of an entity’s print output is intended for internal distribution and use, laser toner cartridges offer the best solution both in terms of cost and speed. Inkjet-based technologies are superior for low-volume, high-quality applications. The choice of laser or ink cartridges depends very much on the application the printer will be used for. Questions such as colour or black and white, the volume of prints, cost per print and print quality required need to be considered.

Replacement toner and ink cartridges are available for both printer technologies from the leading brand printer manufacturers and are also offered by third-party manufacturers. Ink cartridges intended for use in inkjet printers, or inkjet-based multi-function devices, take two forms. The most encountered ink cartridges are those that are fitted on the printhead carriage directly to the printhead. This arrangement presents constraints with regard to the size and weight that the ink cartridge can be.

Epson introduced a new system in 2014 where a reservoir of ink was located apart from the printhead and printhead carriage. This allowed for a simpler ink cartridge that could be larger and contain a higher volume. Although the initial cost for this type of ink cartridge (or more correctly, tank) is high, the cost per print is lower because of the volume of prints produced.

Cartridge Hyper Should be Your Ink Cartridge Supplier of Choice

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