Ink Cartridges or Toner?

Often the words “ink” and “toner” are used interchangeably but the two are fundamentally different. Laser is better at certain print applications although areas of overlap exist. Toner-based printing technology is generally better for higher volume, lower-quality print applications whereas ink-based technologies are superior for low-volume, high-quality applications. Print technology based on laser toner cartridges can usually not deliver the high-quality, graphics-heavy, output that ink-based printers can. The choice depends very much on the application the printer will be used for. Questions such as colour or black and white, the volume of prints, cost per print and print quality required need to be considered.

Original or Compatible?

Both technologies employ disposable containers to hold the print consumables required to put an image or alpha-numeric data onto paper. Home and home-office users will, in all likelihood, use an inkjet printer because of its versatility, high-quality graphics output and lower initial capital cost. Ink cartridges supplied with a new printer are often special, low-volume or partially filled standard units which means the need for replacement arises relatively soon after the initial purchase.

Great care is taken by manufacturers when manufacturing ink cartridges. Ink cartridges contain formulations that are specifically tailored for individual models. Generic (usually called “compatible”) units are also available, which are typically cheaper than the OEM originals. The compatible replacement units are essentially exact copies, or as close as possible to exact copies, of the OEM product made by third-party companies that typically do not produce printers. Although there is the risk that a compatible will not perform as well as the genuine item, there are also good-quality compatible ink cartridges available at a lower cost than the OEM originals.

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