Lexmark has been one of the forerunners of printing technology in recent decades, and their fresh take on the toner cartridge proves that they are not slowing down at all. We are happy to be providing ink and toner printing supplies from Lexmark, as well as all other leading ink and laser printer brands, at Cartridge Hyper stores all around Gauteng and Bloemfontein. For those located outside of these areas, it’s a simple matter to arrange a delivery from our online store.

The toner cartridge you might have come to know technically contains everything it needs to print. With both a reserve of toner as well as the image-generating components contained within the cartridge, they are rather complex pieces of technology. This has a major drawback, however, of tying the imaging components to the toner reserve, meaning that when the toner runs out, that’s that for the imaging components as well.

The imaging components do need to be replaced eventually, but will far outlast any one helping of toner. Lexmark, therefore, has developed a new multi-part toner cartridge system, with a toner reserve that is separate from the imaging unit. Both of these parts can now be designed for better performance and improved manufacturing processes, since neither needs to be attached to the other until they are ready for some printing.

The new toner reserve both outlasts older toner cartridges and does not require any shaking as it nears the end of its supply. This hassle-free performance is a mark of the improved designs Lexmark have brought to market, pushing the field of laser printing forward toward a more efficient future.

The imaging unit can also be improved now since efforts in this direction will actually make a difference. Without the weak link of the limited toner reserve, imaging components can now be independently improved, for longer lifespans and more efficient operation.

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