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The LaserJet Revolution

When it comes to laser printing, a single name always pops up– Lexmark. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Lexmark became a public company in its own right in 1995 after being established in 1991 through the divesting IBM company, which focused on developing and producing equipment for the information technology sector, including personal computers and printers. Laser printing uses different methods and toner cartridges, as opposed to the ink cartridges for inkjet printing. Toners are used in the CMYK colour palette to ensure that the printing is fast and colour-accurate.

Lexmark continually refines this technology, giving residential access to laser printing for fast and effective document printing, even when producing extremely detailed, high-quality. Should you be looking for a shop that can provide you with a wide selection of Lexmark toner cartridges, Cartridge Hyper is where you can find what you are looking for, because we offer toner cartridges in various sizes and colours for a wide range of Lexmark printer models. Whether you have your own printing business or do a lot of printing at home, our toner cartridges will keep your Lexmark printer going.

The Difference Between LaserJet and Inkjet Printing

Since the beginning of the company, Lexmark focused on laser printing, delivering effective printers that significantly reduce the time it takes to print a document in comparison to inkjet rivals. As a result, businesses use the wonder of laser technology to ensure that monochrome printing not only takes up less time but is also of higher quality in the end. An inkjet print head sprays ink onto the page in the pattern relating to the specific line of printing as the page is run through the printer at one printing line at a time. This method of printing is very effective for quality colour photos and images, but it can take quite some time to finish printing a page, even when printing monochrome or greyscale documents.

This is where the laser printer outshines the inkjet, by using toner instead of ink cartridges to put the printing pattern on a roller, from which the roller applies the toner to the page in one go, without moving the page one line at a time. It is a smooth printing process without any stoppage. The first Lexmark printer models made use of single toner cartridges with black toner, but with the introduction of the CMYK colour palette, the recent models of Lexmark laser printers use several toner cartridges within a single printer, granting a selection of colour toners to be used for quality colour printing. Personal preferences have always been an determining factor for businesses and private use regarding the comparison between inkjet and laser printers, as some people argue that inkjet cartridges provide more detail and quality, while toner cartridges provide much more speed. Lexmark will always be a big part of the printing industry, giving the public access to the latest laser technology, and printing businesses access to a speedy and affordable alternative to using inkjet printers.

Cartridge Hyper Has It All

Whether you are looking for ink or toner cartridges, you can find them all under one roof at Cartridge Hyper. Our selection of ink cartridges includes brands such as Brother, Epson, Canon, and HP, with our selection of toner cartridges including brands such as Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox, and Pantum. Should you be looking for quality photo paper as well, we offer our own brand, along with Epson, HP, and Canon photo paper to choose from. We also offer a rewards programme for our individual return customers, allowing you to accumulate points and get a welcome discount on your next purchase. Simply apply at your favourite Cartridge Hyper store to join the rewards programme and reap the benefits when buying your next batch of printer cartridges from us. You can also sign up online by completing the form at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home.

No matter what your printing needs or your preferred brand are, we can ensure that you will always have enough ink in your printer cartridges to keep all your printing jobs going. For more information, feel free to peruse our website or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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