Lexmark Ink Cartridges

The words “printer cartridge” are used to describe a wide range of containers holding print consumables but what most people will come across at home or the office will be either ink or toner units. Ink is the fluid, with the viscosity of water, used in inkjet printers whereas toner is a fine dry powder used in laser printers. Although original Lexmark ink cartridges are still available, Lexmark stopped the production of inkjet printers in 2015 to focus on their range of laser printers aimed at the commercial user. If you own a Lexmark inkjet printer, then don’t despair. Compatible ink cartridges are available from third-party manufacturers to keep your printer printing.

An Effective Third-Party Solution

Home and home office users will usually opt for an inkjet printer for its versatility, high-quality graphics output and lower initial capital cost. Lexmark’s decision to abandon inkjet technology in favour of laser printing means that owners of Lexmark inkjet machines will over time no longer have the option of buying original Lexmark ink cartridges (OEM) units. Where does this decision leave owners of these legacy machines? Will they be stranded and no longer be able to keep their printers supplied with consumables? Fortunately, a number of third-party manufacturers continue to offer compatibles for Lexmark ink cartridges. The upside is that compatible replacement units are essentially exact copies, or as close as possible to exact copies, of the OEM product and are less costly than OEM units. Although there is the risk that a compatible will not perform as well as the genuine item, compatibles may be the only option for the replacement of Lexmark ink cartridges.

Cartridge Hyper Stocks OEM and Compatible Cartridges

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