Both OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and compatible or generic replacement units are available for the leading inkjet printer manufacturer’s machines. Irrespective of the printer brand, printer ink cartridges intended for use in a specific printer must be properly designed and manufactured to ensure the best print quality and highest yield without damaging the printer or malfunctioning.

Why OEM cartridges are the best option

The cost of research and development is carried by printer manufacturers and is a significant contributor to the cost of printer ink replacements. Great care is taken by manufacturers when manufacturing cartridges. Ink formulations are tailored for specific brands and models. Ink for a Canon PG 445 cartridge is formulated to give the best results with the specific printer it fits. Printers are specifically designed to work with their OEM replacement units and this influences pricing.

If you purchase an OEM Canon PG 445 cartridge for your Bubble Jet printer, your purchase comes with the peace of mind that Canon made the printer and also the cartridge for it. Genuine OEM ink is backed by the manufacturer of the printer and will be of consistently high quality. It will also function reliably and will not damage the printer.

Original and quality generic cartridges at Cartridge Hyper

Generic cartridges are also available which are less expensive than their OEM counterparts. Compatible or generic replacement units are manufactured by third-party companies that typically do not produce printers at all. The risk is that they may not perform as well as the genuine item or even as promised by the third party manufacturer. Common complaints about compatibles include low page yields and poor image quality.

When opting for a compatible, as opposed to an OEM, Canon PG 445 cartridge, buy from a reputable company like Cartridge Hyper who will provide a Canon PG 445 cartridge compatible replacement that is fully compliant with OEM standards. In fact, all of Cartridge Hyper’s compatible replacement ink cartridges meet OEM standards. We also supply OEM units for a range of leading printer brands at competitive prices. Shop for your printing supplies online or visit one of our stores today.