What Happened to Samsung Ink Cartridges?

Samsung ink cartridges and printer manufacture was always a relatively small part of the total product offering. The Korean commercial and industrial giant is far better known for its range of consumer electronics and, in particular, its range of smart cellular phones than it is for printers.

From small beginnings, a company that started manufacturing fertilizer and sweeteners became the world leader in OLED (organic electroluminescent light-emitting diode) screen manufacture, commanding a 98% share of the global AMOLED market by 2018. They now manufacture LCD and LED panels, memory chips, NAND flash (a type of non-volatile storage technology that does not require power to retain data), solid-state drives, televisions, digital cinema screens, cameras and laptop computers. Printers, however, are no longer produced by the company!

The Korean tech company sold its printing business to HP in November 2017 for $1.05 billion. The acquisition was aimed at giving HP immediate access to Samsung’s print technology portfolio as well as their patents (of which there were over 6,500), engineers and distribution channels.

When you buy Samsung ink cartridges today, you are in effect buying an HP product. Be that as it may, Samsung ink cartridges are available for its printers. If there are still any pre-2017 printers operational, finding OEM Samsung ink cartridges is probably going to be close to impossible but compatible Samsung ink cartridges may still be available.

What is an OEM and a Generic or a Compatible Unit?

Original HP ink cartridges will be available for the printers they manufacture. These are referred to as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) units. There will also be equivalent compatible (also known as ‘generic’) units made by third-party manufacturers. Compatible or generic cartridges are essentially third-party copies of OEM units.

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