Many of us have felt that sudden dread when the printer alert comes up saying “level low”. It seems to love doing it in exactly those moments when you’re under pressure to get some documentation ready as fast as you possibly can. Luckily for anyone in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg North or the greater Pretoria area, you’re almost always near a Cartridge Hyper and all the printer cartridges that you need.

At Cartridge Hyper we offer a variety of printer cartridges that you would need to see to believe. We pride ourselves in having every cartridge you could need, from all of the leading printer brands in the world. For both Inkjet and laser printers, we have the cartridges and accessories, like waste units, drums and belt units for laser printers.

The next time your printer starts doing the low ink dance in the middle of a busy day, just punch in “Cartridge Hyper near me” and you’ll be back to work ASAP, with the bonus peace of mind that you didn’t have to pay crazy prices to solve your problem. While we always recommend that you go with OEM cartridges, we keep generics on hand for those who are feeling a financial squeeze.

OEM, you might have heard, stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and is used to identify products, particularly accessories and consumables, that were made by the manufacturer of the main product that the accessories or consumables will be used in. Since 3rd party organisations don’t have anywhere near the same level of familiarity with the original product, OEM accessories are pretty much always guaranteed to be as good as it gets in terms of compatibility and the safety of your machine.

The main benefits of OEM printer cartridges include:

  • Consistent and near perfect printing quality and performance over the life of the unit
  • Drastically lowered instances of clogging and other dysfunctions
  • Protection of the printer’s internal components and increased lifespan
  • Warranty protection in the case of catastrophic failures, which can be voided by the use of generic accessories

If you find that one of our stores is not close enough to justify a drive, let us come to you by ordering your products online. We have a webpage dedicated to buying the cartridges you’re looking for either through a quick search, or by clicking on the desired brand to browse the selection of products we have available.

Should we not have that particular unit in stock, simply click on “request” and specify the quantity and your nearest branch and we will order it for you. We offer in-store pickup or delivery as needed, meaning your printer cartridges are always as near as a few clicks of a mouse.

We highly value our customers, so if you’re not sure about the best cartridges for your application, or you’re wondering about the details of replacing a belt unit, visit our store and talk to our friendly team. We can help you come to the right decision or understanding to ensure you get the most out of your printer.

Stop by one of our stores or contact us for more information.