Businesses can’t afford to stop any more than they have been forced to by the unkind circumstances of the last two years. So, when a printer unexpectedly runs out of ink, and you’re hastily looking up “printer ink near me”, remember that Cartridge Hyper branches span Gauteng and Bloemfontein, offering the best deals on original and generic cartridges.

We have an impressive range of cartridges from the leading brands on the market, such as Brother, Epson, HP, Canon, Xerox, Lexmark and Samsung. Cartridges, toner waste and drum units and also photo paper for crisp and long-lasting photo albums are all available both in-store and for delivery. Rest assured that in a rush, searching for “Cartridge Hyper near me” will get you exactly what you’re looking for.

There are a few steps you can take to increase the amount of time between cartridge replacements, give yourself more time to notice the ink levels before taking on a big task, and reduce the number of times “printer ink near me” shows up in your browser history:

Know your printer – printers these days have heaps of functionality that often gets lost in the maze of options and settings menus. Take the time to understand the functions of your printer so that you can set it up exactly as you need it to get as near to optimum use as possible.

Choose grayscale – yes, even when your whole print has only black and white text. Some printers use more than just black to enhance the appearance of black areas or text. So, unless you’re going for the utmost quality, choose grayscale.

Figure out the font – font choice is surprisingly consequential for ink usage. Opt for fonts that have thinner lines overall, such as Century Gothic. This font avoids the tendency to thicken the spines of letters like P and L and can end up using only about two-thirds of the ink of other fonts. Another useful tip is to drop the font size by a few notches. Over the course of several pages, this hardly noticeable change will also significantly reduce both ink and paper consumption.

Whether these help you save or not, we’ll be here to stock you up, so next time don’t type “printer ink near me”, go straight for “Cartridge Hyper near me” instead and get right back to work ASAP. We also do deliveries with an average wait time of under two business days. If you manage to place your order before 11 am for somewhere in Gauteng or Bloemfontein, we will deliver your package to you the next day! Browse our store here or contact us for more information.