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Laser printers have benefitted businesses and households all around the world with their speedy operation and long-term reliability. Chances are if you’ve printed some paperwork in a professional setting, you’ve used a laser printer. But it’s not all smooth sailing, as there are a few drawbacks to using toner for printing, such as a limited colour palette when compared with ink and an increased entry cost, with a laser printer generally retailing for more than an inkjet counterpart.

Another wrinkle comes in with the advent of generic, remanufactured or third-party cartridges. These are produced by organisations, other than the original manufacturer, who will service and refurbish an ink or toner cartridge to the best of their ability. These remanufactured units usually carry significantly lower printer toner prices than the original thing, which is perfect for some casual and low-consumption users, but the problems that they are prone to make them a serious risk for a professional or hobby printer.

Lexmark commissioned a study by Buyers Lab LLC to compare the performance of their original toner cartridges with that of generic and remanufactured units. Three brand new Lexmark C534 laser printers were used in the study, each using three full cartridges of each colour, from each brand tested. This ensured that the differences that may exist between printers and between individual cartridges were minimised for an accurate comparison of the overall performances of Lexmark units with those of six alternative brands of varying prices.

410 000 pages were printed over the course of the study, where a five-page colour test sample was printed repeatedly until the cartridges either ran out of toner or failed. After each brand, the printers were serviced to prevent any roll-over effects from one brand to the next.

In terms of reliability, generic toner units had a failure rate of 37%. These units either broke down before depleting their toner stores or didn’t even get going in the first place – an out-of-the-box failure. Original Lexmark cartridges had exactly 0 such failures.

Image quality was another point of comparison, where image imperfections, like streaks, colour errors, messy application and extra markings, were noted. Yet again the original units managed a perfect score with no defects detected, while the generic units had one or more image problems on 88% of the pages printed!

Page yield was another area in which Lexmark units had performed well, with an average grayscale yield of 8614 pages to go with their 8000-page claimed yield. The competing brands had an average grayscale yield of 5754 pages despite their own claims of an 8000-page yield.

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